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Supporting the creation, design and management of the spaces and places in which we live with unrivalled speed and attention to detail.

Management & Supervisory Infrastructure recruitment with Kintec

Managing your recruitment

Infrastructural projects have huge implications for local communities, cities and countries as a whole, therefore the managers and supervisors involved must be able to keep everything on schedule and on budget. Finding the right talent for projects of this size is imperative, so we’ll dedicate our consultants to finding you the right person for the right job.

Merging our industry knowledge with your expertise

At Kintec, we know that in order to thrive, candidates need to have a certain professional commitment. Our industry experts understand exactly what you’re looking for and will work tirelessly to find bespoke candidates. We’ve built up an extensive global network over the years and we’ll utilise every aspect of this to give the best possible recruitment experience.

The different disciplines we recruit for include:

  • Engineering Manager
  • Project Director
  • Project Manager
  • Assistant PM
  • Design Manager
  • Construction Manager
  • Site Manager/Agent
  • Assistant Site Manager
  • Technical Manager
  • Site Supervisor
  • Foreman

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Working with Kintec gives you access to the expertise and professionalism of the most talented recruitment professionals in your sector.

Our team are all experienced professionals and many have technical qualifications to go with their specific industry insights.

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