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Our dedicated team boasts real-life industry experience, helping Kintec deliver unrivalled candidate support. 

At Kintec, we understand that a successful placement goes beyond just finding the right job. That's why we offer comprehensive support, removing logistical hurdles and ensuring your well-being throughout your assignment.

Far reaching support when you need us

Our success hinges on the talent we connect with. Your skills are what make our clients in the global oil and gas industry thrive. As a token of appreciation, we go beyond the traditional "nine to five" with a wide range of support services.

Our dedicated team provides expert advice on mobilisation, catering to your individual needs. We prioritise your health and safety with a robust approach, ensuring you arrive at your assignment prepared and ready to excel.

Kintec's payroll staff acts as your trusted partner, handling payments, tax compliance, and insurance inquiries with expertise. With our global reach and experience, we provide peace of mind throughout your placement, fostering long-lasting relationships built on exceptional support.

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