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NS - Qatar

Oil and Gas Profressional

It’s just over two months since I returned to Qatar and have been amazed with the support I received from Kintec's Government Relations Manager.

From the day I landed in Doha, he not only he managed my process very swiftly but also got my family's visa process sorted within 2.5 months.

Just let you know the facts on how fast things moved for me

(A) I got my QID within 7 days after getting a medical, fingerprints and dubbing my old data into the new ID.

(B) Submitted my family visa application with 1.5 months of bank salary statement.

(C) Got my family visa within 2 months.

(D) Got my family’s QIDs within 5 days of them landing in Doha; which I’m sure must be a record in itself. Because of his support, my daughter starts schooling with only a 5 day gap.

Your Government Relations Manager is very helpful, trustworthy and efficient. Not only with me, but with others, who were just amazed by his speed and transparency. There are other agencies where the PRO doesn’t even speak with their consultants, Kintec's Government Relations Manager goes out of the way to support us in every way.

Although the family visa process is not a part of his responsibilities, he guided and supported me through it all. In fact he was the one who pushed me to ask questions and submit the application when immigration officials were not ready to accept this. He was very positive all the way through, even after me losing hope at times.

Me and my family are very grateful to have this support from him, he is one of the key differentiators between Kintec and other agencies.



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